AAAA Records (Coming Soon)


These records allow hostnames to be resolved to IPv6 addresses. The hostname is something you choose and the IPv6 address is the location you want to point to.

A records are in the format of Hostname » IPv6 address. (See example below).

AAAA Records info

From the above example, the hostname is set to 'ipv6test' and the IPV6 address set to '::1'. This is a valid AAAA record. If this record was for the domain then it would mean that points to the given IP.


Host can be a string containing alpha-numeric characters including hyphens. May be a single @ or * character to denote the primary record (i.e. domain without www) or wildcard respectively.

Can also contain a period between strings, (i.e. but not at the beginning or end of a string.

IP Address

An IPV6 address is represented as eight quads of four hexidecimal characters (0-9, a-f). The groups are separated by colons, and leading zeroes in a quad may be omitted. Example IPv6 addresses are:


One or more consecutive quads of zeros may be replaced with a single empty quad represented by a double colon. This can only be done once per address. The last example above can be further simplified to:


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