LOC Records


This type of record allows you to specify a physical location for a domain name.

LOC Records info

It contains WGS84 Latitude, Longitude and Altitude (ellipsoidal height) information together with host/subnet physical size and location accuracy. This information can be queried by other computers connected to the Internet.

The LOC record is expressed in a master file in the following format:

<owner> <TTL> <class> LOC d1 [m1 [s1]] {"N"|"S"} d2 [m2 [s2]] {"E"|"W"}
alt["m"] [siz["m"] [hp["m"] [vp["m"]]]]
(The parentheses are used for multi-line data as specified in [RFC 1035] section 5.1.)
where: d1: [0 .. 90] (degrees latitude)
d2: [0 .. 180] (degrees longitude)
m1, m2: [0 .. 59] (minutes latitude/longitude)
s1, s2: [0 .. 59.999] (seconds latitude/longitude)
alt: [-100000.00 .. 42849672.95] BY .01 (altitude in meters)
siz, hp, vp: [0 .. 90000000.00] (size/precision in meters)


Host can be an @ character (most common) or an alpha-numeric string with periods, hyphens and underscores. Doesn't have to be a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)


Data contains alpha-numeric characters, hostnames and IP addresses.

Please note that there is a limit of 255 characters in between " " (quote marks) for data.

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