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SSL (Secure Socket Layer) - Multiple Certificates

Q Can I have multiple certificates on one server?

Yes, this is possible. We offer extra IP's to help you set this up. Please contact technical support to arrange this.

To buy another certificate, this can be completed via your control panel.

Q My web server hosts many sites on a single IP address, can I install a certificate for each domain name?

The SSL protocol encrypts the domain name when an SSL session is being established. If you are hosting many websites each with their own SSL certificate on the same web server, each website must have a unique IP to ensure that the web server knows which domain the SSL session should be for. If you only host a single domain then you can use name based hosting. However if you host multiple domains on the same server then you must use IP based hosting. Please note that host headers on Microsoft IIS will cause SSL errors if you install multiple SSL certificates for multiple domains on a single IP address.

Q I may need to change my IP address for my web server, does this matter?

An SSL Certificate is issued to a domain name and not an IP address. So long as your web server is hosting the domain name for which your SSL certificate has been issued, the IP address doesn't matter.

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