Your Control Panel

Thes guides give information on how to manage all aspects of Your Control Panel.

Email Setup Guides


General information about your control panel including, logging in, retrieving a lost password and general navigation

Email Edit Guides


Full information on the domains section including, DNS management, domain locking and Nameserver Updates



Full information on the hosting section including, our FTP Client, Database Management and Backups



Full information on the email section including, adding mailboxes, editing mailing lists and managing your catchall

Sending Port

Mail Filter

Full information on the mail filter, Including, Quarantine, White & black Lists and Blocked Phrases.

SSL Port

Manage Account

Full information on managing your account including, password reset and updating your details

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

Full information on managing your server including, KVM over IP, Alerts and Monitoring



Full information on creating a CSR and generating an SSL certificate for your server

Office 365

Office 365

Full information on logging into Office 365 and using your domain with Office 365


Virtual Servers

Full information on your VPS, including control panel info, reboot & rebuild


Cloud Servers

Full information on your Cloud Server, including, action log, start, stop and control panel info

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